As standard a 72 hour response is provided. By activating your contract this drops to next business day.

    Simply complete each of the sections by filling in the required information or answering the questions. The Mandatory fields and information required to complete your activation process are marked with a *.

    If you do not have the relevant information available we recommend you collate the mandatory information and re-visit to activate your accounts. Mandatory information is the minimum information we require to enhance your service to a next business day service - primarily information about the Company, Insurance, Contact, Telecom and then a few simple Risk Questions which you need to answer

    Thank you

    1 - Company Details

    Company Name*:

    Industry Sector:


    Number of employees:

    Zip/Postal Code*:


    Address of office that is to be covered in the event of a disaster*:

    Zip/Postal Code*:


    Company Telephone Number:

    Company Fax Number:

    Name of company that BusinessAssist was bought/acquired from*:

    2 - Insurance Details

    Name of Insurance Company*:

    Business Insurance Policy Number*:

    3 - Contact Details


    Primary Contact Name*:

    Contact Telephone Number Office*:

    Contact Mobile Number*:

    Contact Email Address*:

    Contact Address*:

    4 - Telecommunications

    Name of Telecommunications Provider*:

    Name of Account Holder*:

    Customer Account Number*:

    Main Billing Telephone Number (the main number you want to divert in an emergency)*:

    Name of Person in your company responsible for Telecommunications*:

    Contact Telephone Number*:

    Contact Email Address*:

    Other relevant numbers you may want to divert:

    Please confirm that you authorise BusinessAssist to act on your behalf to initiate a telephone divert subject to your permission in an emergency*:

    5 - IT Infrastructure

    IT Contact Name:

    IT Contact Telephone Number:

    IT Contact Email Address:

    Current desktop operating system:

    Do you have Microsoft Office Suite Of Applications:

    Microsoft Office License Number:

    Do you have a remote backup and restore service:

    Name of service provider:

    Address of service provider:

    Contact Name:

    Contact Telephone Number:

    Contact Email:

    Would you like to receive further information on BusinessAssist backup and restore services.

    6 - Emergency Recovery Office

    Will you require parking spaces?

    Will you require access to a meeting room?

    How many people?

    How many rooms?

    Will you require facilities for disabled staff?

    Will you require 24/7 access?

    7 - Risk Questions

    Do you have a written business continuity plan?*

    How many times a year do you test it?*

    Is the office you wish to protect located on a flood plain?

    How old is the office building that you wish to protect?*

    Have you ever made a business interruption claim?*

    How close is your office to a mainline railway or tube station?*

    Is your office on a high street or within 250m of a high street?*